TEF announces bespoke MA programme with the IOE

We are excited to announce an opportunity for our London academies and strategic partners to undertake a ‘TEF’ Masters course with the London Centre for Leadership for Learning – Institute of Education (IOE). The course will lead to a Master of Advanced Educational Practice. It is a portfolio programme which allows staff to select from the breadth of modules available and so construct a bespoke programme

Our links with the IOE builds on our established successful partnership with the University of Warwick for a bespoke MA in Education for our West Midlands academies. In October 2013, 21 members of staff started their MA in Educational Leadership and Innovation with the University of Warwick.

Both links allow us to construct a customised Masters related to the needs of the students and funded by the academies and has developed to become part of an ongoing entitlement to professional development for all staff

By the end of the courses participants should have gained an increased theoretical and practical understanding of pedagogy and leadership underpinned by research which is expected to impact positively on well-being and outcomes for children.

Sue Robinson PhD. Development Director –The Elliot Foundation

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