Elliot and NAHT build positive workplace for school principals

Hugh Greenway

On Friday May 2nd 2014 the Elliot Foundation became the first academy sponsor to sign the NAHT’s Leadership Compact. Johanne Clifton, Principal of Billesley Primary School in Birmingham and Hugh Greenway, Elliot Foundation Managing Director signed the accord with NAHT General Secretary Russell Hobby.

The Elliot Foundation was founded with a system leadership ethos; that long-term success would only come from building capacity within the education system. We are proud to lead the way in signing the NAHT’s Compact as it lays down ground rules for creating a healthy working environment that in turn promotes high performance [click the download button below to read the Compact in full].

TEF founder, Professor Caroline Whalley said, “The success of the children, the teachers and the schools in the Elliot Foundation depends upon the creation of an environment in which school leaders can thrive. We welcome the mutually high expectations of The Compact and look forward to working with the NAHT to ensure that they are applied in our schools.”

TEF Managing Director, Hugh Greenway said, “It is broadly accepted that the key to success in education is the creation of a stable and trusting environment in which children are prepared to take ownership, take risks and show curiosity. If we want exceptional progress and attainment for all of our children we must build the same environment of openness, trust and clarity for our school leaders.”

TEF Principal of Billesley Primary School in Birmingham, Johanne Clifton said, “One of the reasons that we chose to join the Elliot Foundation was their openness and commitment to developing their people. I believe that if we want to grow the outstanding school leaders of the future we have to build a working environment that is attractive and invest in them now so they are ready to rise to the challenge.”


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