Greenside Primary School

Greenside is a place exploding with ideas and filled with fun. As soon as you step through the entrance doors you will be stunned at the magical learning buzzing around our classrooms; Greenside works as a Film Factory. Students at Greenside are confident young Leaders who have fun and enjoy life!

At Greenside we have taken learning to another world. We don’t have normal teaching: we incorporate film and base our learning around it so that we learn through an experiential learning model. From working with students of all ages in crews to experiencing Specialisms out of the usual curriculum: we’ve got it all! We make our students ‘world ready’ and ‘test ready’ through the arts and every student loves learning. We are very proud of our school and we thrive in creative learning. We hope you will visit us soon! Clemency, Nimo & Rex – Head Girls and Boys - Greenside

Greenside aims to Inspire, Challenge & Nuture. Greenside community is built on diversity, competition and collaboration. Being independent thinkers, challenging and questioning the world and also being an International citizen who makes the world a better place.

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