The Elliot Foundation currently has 26 open schools which touch the lives of over 8,000 pupils. Fourteen of these schools were sponsored academies, seven were converters and one is a basic need new school. In 2011-12 75% of our schools were either below floor standards or in an OfSTED category. Today, 93% of our schools are good or outstanding and none is ‘inadequate’. As of December 2016, 14 of out of 26 of our open academies have had full OFSTED inspections. Of these 14, 6 (43%) were judged outstanding in all categories (national average 17%) and 10 (71%) were judged to have outstanding leadership (national average 20%). So despite having schools that are between two to three times more deprived than the national average we are between two to three times more likely to be judged outstanding. All of which goes to support our core belief that schools can succeed anywhere.

In 2016 the government introduced new tests for children at Key Stage 2 and 48% of the children in the Elliot Foundation achieved this new ‘expected standard’ compared against a national average of 52%. For children receiving pupil premium funding this drops to 42%. Over recent years despite starting their schooling around two terms behind their peers nationally, children in Elliot Foundation schools have left primary school having caught up with the national average. So this year’s results appear to be an anomaly. The current forecast for children in 2017’s year six is that 60% will meet the new expected standard.