Welcome to the Elliot Foundation

The Elliot Foundation is a charitable multi-academy trust specialising in primary academies. We are building a thriving community of schools including converter and sponsored primary academies that succeed on behalf of their children. We bring an understanding of the unique role of successful primary education as a pre- requisite for even greater success at secondary school level. We will maintain a group of exceptional primary academies that is uncompromising in its search for excellence and in its commitment to searching for and sharing emerging best practice across its primary academy chain.

Upcoming Events

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Programme 2018/19

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Programme 2018/19

Providing the foundation to an exceptional teaching career.

The annual programme aims to equip our valued NQTs with a solid foundation to launch their teaching career. From day one...

Leamington Spa

27 SEP 09:09 - 16:09
Every second counts: embedding reasoning into daily planning

Every second counts: embedding reasoning into daily planning

Essential strategies for embedding reasoning into daily maths lessons

Every second of the school day contributes towards a child’s learning journey. Daily opportunities to develop problem solving and reasonin...

St. Andrew's Park

08 OCT 09:10 - 16:10
Google Basics

Google Basics

An introduction to the Google Education Suite

Do you work in a school that uses Google? Do you want to get more out of G-Suite? Come to this course to become more confident in using Google Apps such as Google Drive, Goog...


11 OCT 09:10 - 16:10