The Elliot Foundation currently has 32 open schools which touch the lives of almost 13,500 pupils. Eighteen of these schools were sponsored academies, ten were converters, three novated and one is a basic need new school. In 2011-12 75% of our schools were either below floor standards or in an OfSTED category. Today, 74% of our schools inspected since becoming academies are good or outstanding, six require improvement and one is ‘inadequate’. 

As of August 2022, 28 out of 32 of our open academies have had full OFSTED inspections. Of these 28, 7 (25%) were judged outstanding in all categories (national average 19%). So despite having schools that are between two to three times more deprived than the national average, we are more likely to be judged outstanding. All of which goes to support our core belief that schools can succeed anywhere.