The Elliot Foundation was created as a safe place for children and teachers where all are nurtured to achieve beyond even their own expectations. 

Our motto, “Where children believe they can because teachers know they can” reflects our conviction that raising expectations for all children and teachers is at the heart of a successful and inclusive society. 



  • FOR CHILDREN: We help children to discover themselves and aspire beyond any limitations that their context might appear to place upon them. We help them understand that they can be, ‘heroes of their own lives’ building the foundations for healthy and successful lives 

  • FOR SCHOOLS: In addition to the essential functional skills of reading, writing and mathematics, children need to learn how to learn and to believe that they can continue to do so. They must also possess the critical thinking skills to sift fact from fiction to be able to think for themselves, freely and creatively. 

  • FOR SUCCESS: To thrive, whatever their chosen path, children need confidence, curiosity and commitment. We will nurture these attitudes across all their learning experiences. 

  • FOR COMMUNITIES: 'No man is an island’, children at Elliot schools will be raised with an awareness of the world around them and their role in shaping a better future through volunteering and contributing in their communities. 



Put children first 

  • We trust and value your professionalism 
  • We share the responsibility for the learning and welfare of all of our children
  • Our purpose is to improve the lives of children

Be safe

  • Don’t assume that someone else will do it
  • Look after yourself, your colleagues and all children
  • We are all responsible for each other’s safety and well being
  • Discuss any concerns with an appropriate member of staff 

Be kind and respect all

  • People are allowed to be different, as are you
  • Kindness creates the positive environment we all need to flourish
  • Kindness and respect should extend to ourselves as well as others

Be open

  • If you can see a better way, suggest it  
  • If someone else suggests a better way to you, consider it 
  • Nurture innovators and support those who take informed risks in the interests of children


  • We all make mistakes
  • Admit them, learn from them, and move on

Make a difference 

  • Making the world a better place starts with you
  • Model the behaviour you would like to see from others


  • Good is a given – all our children will receive an education that is deemed ‘Good’ or better. All of our schools will be judged ‘Good’ by OFSTED at their first inspection following joining the trust regardless of their starting point or context

  • Context is a challenge not an excuse – the Elliot Foundation will achieve above national average for Key Stage 2 outcomes regardless of the deprivation of the communities that we serve

  • Primary education should prepare children for life and learning and its success will be measured by the contributions of our children to society not just their performance in tests

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