The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust (TEFAT) is the Admissions Authority for all of its schools, meaning the Trust is responsible for determining the admissions arrangements and managing any subsequent processes for its schools. Each TEFAT school provides details on their admissions process and their determined policies which is made available on their website.

For the normal round of admissions (Reception and Year 3) you will need to apply through your Local Authority. Therefore, it is best to check their website for more information on the application process. Applications made within the normal round of admissions will be processed according to the Admissions Policy for that school.

If you have a query around admissions for a specific school or for more information on their in-year admissions, please check the individual schools website or get in direct contact with the school. 

As the Admissions Authority, TEFAT is responsible for setting the timescale for the admissions appeals process. To assist parents with the admissions appeals process, please find our Admissions Guide for Parents here.


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Pinkwell Primary School Determined Admissions Policy 2021/22

The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust (Admissions Authority) has now determined the 2021/22 Admissions Policy with a PAN of 90. This reduced PAN, supported by the Local Authority, will enable the school to put in place financial efficiencies and continue to improve standards in education. Discussions are ongoing with the ESFA to achieve this outcome.