ScholarPack is a cloud based MIS that brings together teachers, parents, senior leaders and administrators in one easy to use package. Online registration, assessment and managing student data are at the core of ScholarPack but modules like communications, dinner money, census returns, SEN management and behaviour tracking all come as standard too. It’s a whole school software solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

ScholarPack is working with the Elliot Foundation to replace incumbent MIS packages in the schools under their direction and to develop centralised reporting across all of those schools, enabling fantastic access to assessment, attendance and behavioural data for the Elliot Foundation’s management team.


Browne & Jacobson

Academies have been the government’s flagship education policy for many years now, during which time our education lawyers have gained a wealth of experience in advising schools and local authorities on all aspects of academy conversions and their ongoing operation. We have expertise in the unique financial and governance structures of academies and the aspects of education law that will be enforced through the funding agreement with the Department for Education (DfE).



Support and Help in Education was founded in March 1999 with a mission is to support additional educational initiatives which encourage children and young people to raise their achievement levels. We fund organisations working with underachieving 6-18 year olds from disadvantaged areas in London and Manchester.


RM Education

RM Education is working with the Elliot Foundation to help improve ICT and to promote the use of cloud based tools, such as Google’s G Suite, across the group. When technology works, it is invisible, unlocking more of your valuable time and energy to focus on the teaching and learning issues that matter most. RM Education exists to support the key educational priorities and challenges faced by UK schools and Multi Academy Trusts via a range of technology solutions designed to specifically solve these problems. Our mission is to make technology work for your teaching and learning needs. It’s the thing that drives everything we do.

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